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NEW ENGLAND - A string of shows at the end of April and into early May in New England, beginning with solo appearances at the Tamworth Lyceum - a small-batch whiskey distillery in northern New Hampshire - and the Amoskeag Studio in Manchester NH, April 25 and 25. The weekend following Billy Conway arrives with his suitcase kit and we’ll play a short run in MA and CT. Laurie Sargent, who in her long and illustrious career has fronted famous rock bands, sold her paintings and drawings, and run an organic farm, opens all shows. She may also sit in on our set and drive the car, if I ask nicely.

MIDWEST - In the second half of May Billy and I will play a series of towns in Iowa, Minnesota, and Wisconsin that you have probably never heard of, including Kalona, Owatonna, and Oconomowoc. Billy and I have heard of them. Billy was mostly raised in one, and in another my brother Jim once caught a 50” Muskie, and my then-girlfriend’s Buick caught fire. These events were not related.

RARITIES - Intermittent reward offers the strongest incentive, and we’ve revived the RARITIES section of the MEDIA page of the website with a streaming playlist of unreleased recordings, including acoustic demos, alternate mixes, and album outtakes. Tracks will change at odd intervals when I remember that I have a website.

THE WIFE - In April Kris Delmhorst, a frequent collaborator who is also my wife, tours the UK with her most recent album BLOOD TEST, backed by Hayward Williams (another frequent collaborator whose fine new album THE REEF I produced and played on). Great shows in intimate venues, including a rare Monday night show at the Voodoo Room in Edinburgh. Fortune favors the advance ticket holder.

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Tulsa Album Cover


Home for two months for the first time in six years, I don’t have much to tell you. The new business model for the independent artist assures us that we must relentlessly press our suit on the internet, and scarcely sufficient unto the day is the evil thereof. But I got a new tape echo pedal for my electric rig and it’s sunny in the kitchen, and the house is empty. Beyond feed the chickens and look out the window there are few pressing claims on my time. So mind your own business, and I’ll see you in May.

TULSA - In a hotel room in Colorado a few years ago on tour with John Statz, he played me a song called Tulsa. It was built on a riff, and neither the lyric or the melody resolved, which was a fitting approach to a song about being stranded. When he told me how he wanted his next record to sound, I told him I knew how to make that record. So we went up to Verdant studio in Vermont, where we’d cut the first Satellite record on an old Neve console they pulled out of the BBC, and spent three days further refining my production philosophy: get the best players you can into best sounding room with a great engineer and cut live for three days. There are corollaries having to do with food and alcohol, but that’s the heart of things. We brought in Billy and Moses on rhythm, and Mark Spencer (Son Volt, Kris Delmhorst) on steel and electric, and cut John’s songs about gambling, washed up ballplayers, love, war, and traveling. Vermonter Caitlin Canty even showed up to sing back-ups.

You can stream the TULSA album right now below this article, and follow the link in the player to purchase the album right away, which you can play at parties and in the car and people will say, ’Is this Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers?’, or, ‘That second electric guitar player makes the guy from Son Volt sound amazing’. John is currently embarked on his release tour. Why not go find him?


NEW ENGLAND - In early May Billy and I will play a short run of shows out here in the Northeast. We plan to arrive in our waders and, like Mr. Rogers, start the show by changing into our other shoes. If it’s raining and we can’t fish we will stay drunk the entire time.

MIDWEST - In late May Billy and I will play a series of towns in Minnesota and Wisconsin that you have probably never heard of, including Owatonna and Oconomowoc. Billy and I have heard of them. Billy was mostly raised in one, and in the other my brother Jim once caught a 50” Muskie, and my then-girlfriends Buick caught fire. These events were not related.

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East Coast Feb 2015 Tour Poster


Billy and I played the last 3 shows in 24 hours, and I boarded the plane in London with a cold that made my whole head feel like a toothache. Landed in another Boston snowstorm and shoveled my car out, ate some chicken soup, took a hot shower and a shot of Old Overholt, and slept for a few hours until the fever broke. I drove home in the dark early morning but it took Billy two full days to get back to Montana, taking the scenic route through the Holiday Inn in at Minneapolis airport.

Thanks to everyone who came out to see us in the UK. From Perth to Torquay and over to London, half the shows were sold out and in spite of filter-coffee technology having barely penetrated the countryside, we kept our spirits up with electric kettle instant and rolled off the miles, reading the road signs out loud in our best Monty Python. We’re negotiating with parliament to tour again next year if they will agree to change the law about closing the pubs an hour before midnight (or what we in the music industry call ‘late afternoon’).

Not much to tell you this month. Billy and I have been traveling hard for over a year and this spring I’ll be touring less, anticipating the fall 2015 release of a new record. There are all kinds of irons in the fire right now, but I need to stay home and stare at the fire for a while in order to find them. Here’s what’s going down:

EAST - Billy and I have a brief run of shows out here on the East Coast in February: World Cafe Live in Philadelphia, Iota in DC, the Stolz Listening Room of the Avalon Theater in Easton, Maryland, and Subculture in NYC. If you know someone in the vicinity, please send them our way. Maryland in particular has never been a stronghold of popular support, partly because I seldom go there. We could use some help.


THE SHOOT-OUT - On 2/25 good friend and collaborator Ry Cavanaugh (of Session Americana, which see below) and I play Passim in MA, a show that we developed on our overseas tours. The Shootout works this way: one microphone, two men, two guitars; we split the first set playing our own songs and then return after the break to trade the spotlight back forth in an impromptu competition. After choosing a theme, each song played must by word, title, theme, or tenuous story relate to the song prior. Ry is a cagey competitor, equally comfortable delivering Pancho & Lefty and Pop Life, but I will crush him. Purchase tickets now, this may sell out.


SESSION AMERICANA - A Boston band that evolved from an Irish-style pub session at a Cambridge bar into a versatile multi-songwriter collaboration, SA claims a number of old friends and has more than once descended on our home after a local show to mow down our pantry and wine cellar with military-style precision. They have a new album coming out in April and a very modest Kickstarter goal to help them along with the post-production. You can learn more about them, and it, here:


OVERHAUL - We’re working on www.jeffreyfoucault.com to make it more dynamic and useful. Though I’m currently embarked on an experiment with social media designed to test whether it makes any discernible difference in my ability to communicate with other humans or it’s just an onanistic house of mirrors, jf.com is now and will remain the best place to go to find out what’s actually happening. Now you can stream songs from the back catalog and see a constantly updated stream of inane road photos and recent video capture on the MEDIA page. A year from now if I can get away with it I will kill the Facebook and Twitter pages and go back to this my own little billboard on its own sleepy little internet county road.


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UK Tour Poster


FLORIDA - 2015 Kicks off with a very brief, very solo tour of Florida. The Labyrinth in Fort Lauderdale, and then the Straz Center in Tampa. On the day off in between I plan to find a shack fronting the water and historically reenact a Corona advertisement.

RECKLESS SKYLINE - 21 January I’ll start a brief east coast tour playing guitar in Caitlin Canty’s fine band (which you may recognize as my fine band) marking the release of Reckless Skyline, an album I produced and played on. With stops at Rockwood Music Hall in New York City, Burlap and Bean in Philadelphia, the Parlor Room in Northampton MA, the West Rutland Town Hall theater in VT, and Passim in Cambridge, MA, I will be living the sideman life: sleeping in the van, smoking grass, and saying things like, ‘where are we playing tonight?’. I could not be more proud of this record and this is your chance to hear it live, in person. Visit the link below to pre-order your copy, and for further details:


UNITED KINGDOM - At the end of the month Billy Conway and I will head over to the UK for a couple weeks, starting in Scotland with a show at the Celtic Connections festival, and working our way south to London on a diet of real ale and cheddar soup with crusty bread. Visit the TOUR page for full details.

EASTERN SEABOARD - Look for shows in Philadelphia and New York City in late February, with a few others strung along through there too. We’re late on the draw this year, but it’s strategery.

CONCERT AGAINST THE PIPELINE - Thanks to everyone who came out or made a donation from afar to support the Franklin Land Trust in their efforts against the proposed Kinder-Morgan pipeline to carry fracked gas across Massachusetts, through conservation land and delicate watersheds. We nearly sold out a 400 seat theater and had a real good time. If you missed the show but would like to support the Land Trust you can do that right here:


THE REEF - Hayward Williams’s new album, which I produced and played on, is available now via his newly refurbished website. It’s such a great record, and you should go buy it. You can do that here:


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California and Northwest Tour Poster

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Jeffrey Foucault Midwest Tour Fall 2014


EUROPE - December 2nd Billy Conway and I begin a two week tour of Europe at the Blue Room Sessions in Den Bosch, Netherlands before continuing on to play shows in Belgium, Germany, and Switzerland. What I've learned: the pastries always get better closer to Paris, but the coffee is a crapshoot town to town. Caitlin Canty opens the tour supporting the European release of her new album Reckless Skyline, which I produced.


TULSA - Last January in a break with tradition instead of getting morbidly depressed right after the holidays I produced a record for my friend John Statz, a good Wisconsin boy living out in Denver now. The album we made together is called TULSA, a darkly rocking record cut during a bastard of a cold stretch, the one the weather people called the Polar Vortex. We kept the wood stove filled and the coffee hot, and we cut a record in three days in the big open room where the first Cold Satellite record was made. This album has the deep groove. The writing is sharply observed and economical, it tells a few love stories but it never gets sentimental, it rocks when it needs to, and it feels like driving down a long straight road. John has a Kickstarter page up and running to fund the post-production, and I'd consider it a personal favor if you would pony up some cash. You were just going to spend it on beer anyway, and this is a record worth owning.


REDBIRD - Redbird - which on first glance appears to be merely four guitar players trying to amuse each other with unrehearsed cover songs, and which is in fact that very thing - continues its epic 7-day 2014 USA Tour (dates not contiguous) with the annual holiday stand at the Cafe Carpe in Fort Atkinson WI (only two nights this year; again, dates not contiguous).

Once I left a suitcase full of CD's by the side door of the Cafe Carpe for four months and when I asked my Dad to go and pick it up for me he asked how I knew where it would be and I told him, because it's the Cafe Carpe. The place is essentially a Garcia Marquez novel. It's still my favorite little bar in this wide world.

CONCERT AGAINST THE PIPELINE - I'm organizing a benefit concert at the Memorial Hall in Shelburne Falls MA - my little town - December 27th, with Kris Delmhorst, Rusty Belle, and Abe Loomis. All proceeds will go the Franklin Country Land Trust, a good organization and one of many local outfits coming together to try to fight off the proposed Kinder-Morgan pipeline to carry fracked gas from the Marcellus shale field across Massachusetts.

The proposed pipeline puts near term private profit ahead of long term public interest - the very idea of commonwealth - and imperils wild lands and rivers. It might be easier to say that it took all of time until now to make our rivers and watersheds, and the pipeline would certainly damage and perhaps outright destroy them. Gone means gone. Even if a pipeline is necessary this is the wrong path and the wrong method.

Kris and I have raised our daughter on these rivers, taken her by hand through the forest and down to the Bear river in high summer when the water is low and the deeper holes hold wild Brook Trout so small they still have their par marks on them. When I moved out here from the Midwest I was homesick as hell and the rivers were the only place I felt right. I fish about 60 days each year and the majority of them I spend on the Deerfield, the North, the South, and the Bear. My local rivers. These watersheds lie right in the path of the proposed pipeline. Help me help the people in the best position to do the most good.

UK - In late January I'll return to the UK with Billy Conway on the suitcase drum kit, starting up in Scotland at the Celtic Connections Festival and playing our way south, more or less. To prepare for the tour I just re-read all twenty of Patrick O'Brian's Aubrey/Maturin novels in order, so I'll be primed to discuss the British Navy's role in the Napoleonic wars. Visit the TOUR page for full details.

REEF - In August of 2013 I produced an album for Hayward Williams: A soul-inflected investigation of the soul, with danceable pop hooks, all-hands choruses, horns and electric guitars, THE REEF references records I love without imitating any of them. Recorded live to 1/2" tape in the big room at Sonelab Studios with live backing vocals from Matt and Kate Lorenz of Rusty Belle and Billy and Moses on rhythm, the feel is spare and organic, with incredible openness and charm. The session itself was magic from beginning to end and it's one of the best records I've heard in years. I don't say that real often. THE REEF is available now anywhere music is sold.


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Jeffrey Foucault Midwest Tour Fall 2014


Billy and I had a real nice time in California and the Northwest in October. It’s been a year now traveling as a two-man band and we’ve seen some country, but we’re still finding new territory every night. Want to say thanks to anyone who came out to hear us, or sent their friends out to a show. Word of mouth is important these days. We started with rumor in the Middle Ages, spent about 800 years creating institutions to sift cultural information, and now we’re pretty much back to rumor. When the label’s publicity budget includes a line-item to pay off a blogger who lives in his parents’ basement and probably wears pajamas all day, something seems off. I digress. Just go ahead and use word of mouth for now. Best, JF

THE REEF - In August of 2013 I produced an album for Hayward Williams called THE REEF: A soul-inflected investigation of the soul, with danceable pop hooks, all-hands choruses, horns and electric guitars. THE REEF references records I love without imitating any of them. Recorded live to 1/2” tape in the big room at Sonelab Studios with live backing vocals from Matt and Kate Lorenz of Rusty Belle and my boys Billy and Moses on rhythm, the feel is spare and organic, with incredible openness and charm. The session itself was magic from beginning to end and it’s one of the best records I’ve heard in years. I don’t say that real often.

THE REEF comes out November 18th and Hayward Williams will be my special guest at Anodyne in Milwaukee on 11/16 to celebrate the album release. You can order your copy through Hayward’s website today, and hear a couple tracks right now at the NEWS page of www.jeffreyfoucault.com.


MIDWEST - In November I’ll begin a short Midwest tour with my old friend Eric Heywood (Ray Lamontagne, Pretenders, Andrew Bird) on electric guitar and pedal steel at the Ice House in Minneapolis 11/12, with stops in Madison, Cedar Rapids, Chicago, and Milwaukee to follow. Last time Eric and I played Schuba’s in Chicago together, Chris Schuba took me aside and said, with somewhat inebriate gravity, ‘Eric Heywood BUILT this club’. I presume he was speaking metaphorically, though I believe Heywood did lay some of the tile at Pachyderm Studios where I made my last record. A Renaissance man, Heywood.

Annelies Howell - with whom I played many campfires, porches, and open mic’s in the prior century - opens the Madison show at The Frequency.


REDBIRD - November 21 and 22, Redbird - the ongoing improvised session in which Peter Mulvey, Kris Delmhorst, and I (and often David Goodrich) trade songs on stage in a sort of musical conversation - plays back to back nights in New England, with shows at the University of Vermont in Burlington, and the Natick Center for the Arts in Natick, MA. Goody will be out on tour with Chris Smither so these will be trio shows, likely to sell out. Perhaps you should buy tickets now.


SIGNATURE AT 20 - Signature Sounds - the great indie label that’s released many of my records - will be hosting three nights of concerts at the Academy of Music in Northampton MA this November to celebrate their 20 years in the music industry. I’ll be performing on Friday night 11/28 as part of an evening headlined by Chris Smither (and his fine band), along with Kris Delmhorst, Peter Mulvey, and Mark Erelli. Sounds pretty much just like a party at our house, except with a cover charge.


EUROPE - All the dates have been announced for our winter European tour with stops in NL, BE, DE, and CH. Three developments lend new excitement to this venture. First, it’ll be the first tour of Europe with Billy on suitcase drums; second, I’ve never managed to haul an electric guitar overseas but I will this time; third, Caitlin Canty opens the tour supporting her new album Reckless Skyline, which Europe will have an opportunity to buy ahead of the U.S. street date, and she will join my set to sing backing vocals.


UK - The dates have been announced for a brief tour of the UK, beginning in Scotland at the end of January 2015. All shows will be duo with Billy Conway on suitcase drums. It’s been two years since I traveled in the UK and I can almost taste that first pint of real ale in a pub with satellite radio tuned to and football on the telly. See the tour page for full details.

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Hayward Williams - The Reef Album Cover


In August 2013 Jeffrey produced an album for Milwaukee Wisconsin’s Hayward Williams. THE REEF, a soul-inflected investigation of the soul, with danceable pop hooks, all-hands choruses, horns and electric guitars, was recorded live to 1/2” tape in the big room at Sonelab Studios with live backing vocals and Jeffrey’s longtime section of Billy Conway and Jeremy Moses Curtis on rhythm. The album release date is 11/18. On 11/16 Hayward Williams will be Jeffrey’s special guest in Milwaukee. Visit the tour page for full details, order a copy at Hayward’s website, listen now, tell your friends.

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California and Northwest Tour Poster


Jeffrey tours California and the Pacific Northwest starting Wednesday 10/8 at the Freight and Salvage in Berkeley, with stops in Winters, Santa Cruz, and Sacramento before heading up to Seattle, Bellingham, Walla Walla, Eugene, Sisters, and Portland. Jeffrey will be joined by Billy Conway on suitcase drums and Meleana Cadiz - a fine songwriter and singer out of Brooklyn - will open the Northwest shows. Get the full details on the tour page, get your tickets now.

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West Promo Poster


In the first weeks of September Jeffrey will tour WA and MT with stops in Spokane, Missoula, Bozeman, and Livingston accompanied by drummer Billy Conway, with special guest readings by poet Chris Dombrowski. Caitlin Canty opens. Visit the tour page for further details.

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Ride Festival Flyer


In July Billy Conway and I play the RIDE Fest in Telluride, Colorado for a couple nights, in between fishing excursions on the San Juan. Expect a few more shows in Colorado around that time as well - including the Walnut Room in Denver - if we can locate dry clothing.

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Ry Cavanaugh and Jeffrey Foucault in Ireland


In April Jeffrey and Ry Cavanaugh of Session Americana tour Europe, starting in Zurich 4/11 and traveling through France, Germany, and Netherlands. Two men, two guitars, one microphone, varying amounts of wine: the pair split the first set playing alone, and then come back together in the second set trading songs in a shoot-out where each song played must somehow, by word or line or key or implausible story, relate to and answer the song prior. Last man standing wins nothing, save pride.

See the tour page for details.

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Dirty Impound Banner


Jeffrey tours the home country in March with Billy Conway on suitcase drum kit, and rising star Caitlin Canty - whose brand new and as yet unreleased album ‘Reckless Skyline’ Jeffrey produced this fall - opening the show. The tour will include stops in IL, WI, and MI, with a special appearance at the beautifully restored Stoughton Opera House in Stoughton, WI. just down the road from Jeffrey’s home town, on 3/14. Get your tickets HERE - there isn't a bad seat in the house. Download the full press release HERE.

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Dirty Impound Banner


Jeffrey tours California in late January and early February, north to south with Billy Conway on the suitcase drum kit, starting January 29th at the lovely Arcata Playhouse Theater, with stops at the Make Out Room in San Francisco, the Palms Playhouse in Winters, Don Quixote’s in Felton, Tales from the Tavern in Santa Ynez, and Pappy & Harriet’s in Pioneertown. Visit the tour page for full details.

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Dirty Impound Banner


Jeffrey recently spent some time on the phone with the nice folks at OMG interviews, discussing the sophomore album of his rock band Cold Satellite, the modern elevation of irony, and talking to God on the Red Phone. Read all about it, here.

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Tractor Tavern Poster


Jeffrey will do some traveling up and down the I-5 corridor November 3-10, with shows in Eugene and Portland, Oregon, and Seattle, Wenatchee, and Bellingham, Washington. He'll be joined by Billy Conway (Morphine, Cold Satellite) on cocktail drums for most of the shows, including this seated show at the Tractor Tavern. Visit the tour page for details, and get your tickets now.

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Tweed River Poster


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Tweed River Poster


Cold Satellite will turn in their last full band appearance of the summer August 17th, playing the sundown set at the Tweed River Music Festival in Stockbridge, VT, in the company of friends including Session Americana, Anders Parker, Amy Coreia, Bow Thayer, and Tim Gearan. Get your tickets today at tweedrivermusicfestival.com

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Cold Satellite Live


CAVALCADE, The new album by Jeffrey’s band COLD SATELLITE is scheduled for a May 21 release on Signature Sounds Records, with full-band release tours in April (East coast, Mid-Atlantic), May (Midwest), and through the summer and fall. The release is timed to coincide with the May 1st publication of LITTLE STRANGER, the new book of poems by Lisa Olstein (with whom Jeffrey collaborated to create CAVALCADE) on the venerable Copper Canyon Press.

Visit coldsatellite.com now to hear the single ‘Sleepers Wake’.

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Cold Satellite Live


- In December 2012, COLD SATELLITE - Jeffrey’s full band collaboration with award-winning poet Lisa Olstein - went into the studio to begin recording CAVALCADE, a sophomore album that refines and concentrates the band’s signature amalgam of rock, blues, and country.

In order to finish CAVALCADE and fund the release and tour, COLD SATELLITE has embarked upon the world of Low Finance and started a Kickstarter campaign. With your generous help they’ll finish the record and get out on the road headed to your town, without going broke.

Visit the COLD SATELLITE Kickstarter page now to watch a short movie describing the band, album, and process, hear parts of three songs from the new album, and find a level of support that works for you. THANKS!

PHOTO CREDIT: Toshimi Ogasawara

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Jeffrey Foucault Ry Cavanaugh Spring UK/IRELAND Tour


In late January and early February Jeffrey returns to the UK and Ireland for the first time in five years, on a split bill tour with the wonderful songwriter and performer Ry Cavanaugh of the band Session Americana. Details to be had on the TOUR page.

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Mighty Albert Poster


The Mighty Albert, who handle Jeffrey's CD sales online, are offering free shipping within the Continental United States for this upcoming weekend, December 8-9. Visit their website at: www.mightyalbert.com

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Mountain Stage Poster


Jeffrey will appear on the Mountain Stage radio program, recorded live at the WVU Creative Arts Center in Morgantown, West Virginia, on Sunday 11/11/12 at 7 o’clock in the evening. Broadcast date TBA.

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Jeffrey Foucault and Andy Friedman


A review from the recent Midwest solo tour supported by Andy Friedman.

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Jeffrey Foucault and Gibson Guitar


The February 2012 Midwest Tour will feature full band appearances at Schuba’s Tavern in Chicago, Illinois and the Stoughton Opera House in Stoughton, Wisconsin. Jeffrey will be joined by Eric Heywood (Pretenders, Ray Lamontagne) on electric and pedal steel guitars, Billy Conway (Morphine) on drums, with Hayward Williams (Cold Satellite) on bass. Tell your friends, and reserve your tickets pronto.

  • www.schubas.com
  • www.stoughtonoperahouse.com
  • Photo Credit: ogasawara.ch

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    Real Love Album Cover


    ‘Real Love’, an unreleased full band cut from the Horse Latitudes sessions, will be available 12/6 as a digital single on iTunes, and worldwide anywhere digital music is sold. A sprightly country rocker, ‘Real Love’ was written in a bar some years ago on a Southwest tour, originally to the tune of ‘Let’s Roll Another Number For the Road’ by Neil Young.

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    Cold Satellite Album Cover


    Cold Satellite - the 2010 album of songs based on the writing of contemporary American poet Lisa OIstein - will be available in Europe as of November 7th via Continental Record Services, with a full band European tour to follow in early 2012. For more information visit:

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    Photo of Jeffrey Foucault


    The west coast release tour begins at Fremont Abbey in Seattle Tuesday 10/18, with a split-bill show with banjo legend and great songwriter Danny Barnes, a very tall man from Texas who can pick hell out of a banjo. Jeffrey will be backed by Portland’s Jay Kardong (Sera Cahoone, Grand Archives) on pedal steel for the duration of the tour, which winds up with Cafe Du Nord in San Francisco 10/25. Check the tour page for full details, alert your friends, wait for the sign.

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    Photo of Don Henley


    Read the article in the Orange County Register.

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